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This element allows users to redirect the data collected with an online form to a specified page.

Important: "Submit Form" is a hidden element. It will not be visible on the page, but its settings are accessible via a button at the top of the editing pane.

Add a Submit Form Element

Drag-and-Drop the element Submit Form from the elements menu anywhere on the page.
This will automatically open the configuration menu.


The Submit Form element can be configured in a few easy steps.
This allows the element to process the data obtained from the following types of form elements: Checkbox, Drop-Down List, Option List, Multi-Line Text Input Field, Single-Line Text Input Field and Upload File(s).

Redirection formulaire2.png

The Submit Form configuration window can be opened by clicking on Configure Form Submission

Step 1: Submit Form to an External Page

Redirection formulaire3.png

  • Destination URL: Select the destination page.
  • Method: Select the submission method (GET or POST).
  • Target: Choose how target is opened (same window, new window, parent frame, or top level frame).
  • Encryption: Choose the encryption mode (text/plain, multipart/form-data or application/x-www-form-urlencoded).
  • Submit Button: Select the form send/submit button.
  • Clear Button: Select the form clear/cancel button.

Step 2: Select the Form Elements to Submit

Redirection formulaire4.png

  • Elements Not Included: The page's form elements that will not be submitted.
  • Elements Included: The page's form elements that will be submitted.
  • Next: Saves the changes and brings up the Summary page before completing the configuration.
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