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This element is useful for creating vertical or horizontal navigation menus on a website.

This element allows users to create a button-style hyperlink that will take visitors to a specified page when it is clicked.
An internal link leads to a page within the same website, whereas an external link leads to a page on another website (or redirects to an email address).

Example: (Preset K_Red Menu)

Bouton lien page2.png

Add a Button Link Element

Drag-and-Drop the element Button Link from the elements menu anywhere on the page.


LDragging and dropping the element on the page automatically opens the link configuration form'.

Telechargement fichier4.png: This button allows users to open the Link Configuration form from the editing pane.

Design and Presets

There are numerous style presets available for this element in the Cloud Library. Presets can be accessed through the Elements and Styles Menu, under the Styles tab, in Style Presets.

To change its appearance, users must override the element's various style zones.

Style zone text bouton1.png Text Area
Default Value:
No style by default

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