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Hidden elements are not directly visible on the page, but rather in the hidden elements bar at the top of the editing pane.
Element masque configuration1.png

For complex elements: a configuration window will automatically open when the element is added to the page.

Properties Shortcuts

The main properties are accessible via the hidden elements bar. To access properties, click on the desired hidden element and a menu will drop down with options.
Element masque configuration2.png

There are three icons available for all hidden elements:

  • Element masque configuration4.png: Duplicate the element.
  • Element masque configuration6.png: Copy the element.
  • Element masque configuration5.png: Delete the element.

Properties Menu

All element properties are accessible and editable from the Elements and Styles Menu on the right of the editing pane. (See Configure a Standard Element).
Element masque configuration3.png

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