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This is an overview of configuration options for standard elements. For complex elements: a configuration window will automatically open when the element is added to the page.

Properties Shortcuts

The main properties are accessible via the shortcuts right below the element.
This icon is available for all elements:

  • Element Configuration Icone verrouiller.png: Locks/Unlocks the element. A locked element can neither be moved, nor copied.

Element Configuration2.png
In this example of an image element, the first two icons allow users to choose the image and add a link, respectively.

Properties Menu

All element properties are accessible and editable from the Elements and Styles Menu on the right of the editing pane.

Element Configuration3.png

There are several types of properties users can edit:

  • (1) True/False Properties: Check the box to enable a property, uncheck to disable it.
  • (2) Text Properties: Enter the new desired value in this field.
  • (3) Complex Properties: Click on the [...] button to access more advanced configuration options.

Note for Experts: The element ID is unique for each element. In the page's HTML, it is used as the ID attribute in the element DIV.

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