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Layer pages play an important role in creating a web project. With a layer page, users can design one page to serve as a graphical/functional base for other pages. Layers can then be "inherited" and serve as a template for pages of the website. All styles and elements of the layer will appear and function in the background of the page that invokes it.

Layer pages can only be created from the Site Explorer, either from the menu bar on top, or from the contextual menu accessible by right clicking on a folder.


  • (A) Layer Name: This is the name that will be displayed in the list of layers in the Layers drop-down in the Main Menu's "Page" tab and in the Site Explorer. The name must be unique and cannot be the same as that of an existing file.
  • (B) Linked Layer: Users can choose to link a new layer to an existing layer. This new layer will then inherit the elements and styles of its parent layer. Selecting a parent layer is not required upon layer creation, and can be added or changed at a later time.
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