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YMLP is a tool that allows users to easily manage, send, and track email newsletters.

Creating an Account

Create a user account by entering your email address.
Access to your user space will be provided in an email sent to the email used during sign-up.

Creating a Website Form

A website form is useful for collecting email addresses from website visitors.
You will be able to edit the layout of the form, as well as add various options like "Let people choose which groups to sign up to."

To create a form, click or hover on "Website Forms" and click on "Create/Edit Form."

Then click on "Add Form."

Enter the necessary information for setting up the form (label, fields, etc.).
Once the information is entered, complete your form by clicking on "Save Changes & View Website Integration Instructions."

Integrating the Form to an openElement Project

After creating your newsletter sign-up form, YMLP offers several scripts for adding the form to your website:

  • HTML Code Snippet for Automatic Website Form (Recommended): Using this script, the form you created will be automatically updated if you make changes to it from your YMLP account.
  • HTML Code Snippet for Manual Website Form:: This option requires you to manually update the code on your website if you make changes to this form in your account.

To place this form on your page, simply copy/paste the script into a Code Block and place it wherever you want.

Note: The sending and tracking of emails, as well as the processing and management of email addresses, is all done through your user space on the YMLP website.

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