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The element Edit RSS Feed (RSS=Really Simple Syndication) allows users to easily publish web content to interested internet users (subscribers).
This element allows users to edit their own feeds, and enables content syndication by making it easier for other sites to publish it. Users can pull from multiple feeds, even on different websites.

Add an Edit RSS Feed Element

Drag-and-Drop the element Edit RSS Feed from the elements menu anywhere on the page.


Dragging and dropping the element onto the page automatically opens the "RSS Feed Settings" window.


  • Title of RSS feed: Enter a title for the RSS feed
  • Description: Enter a description for the RSS feed
  • Your Website URL: Enter the URL of the website

The information above helps identify the source of the RSS feed and is necessary for the feed to work properly.

Flux-rss04.png: Located right below the element in the editing pane, this button locks the selected element in place on the apge.

Flux-rss02.png: This button provides quick access to the RSS Feed Settings (title, description, and URL).

Flux-rss03.png: This button provides quick access to the Article Management (list of articles in RSS feed) configuration window.

Article Management

The article management window (see image above) allows users to view, add, edit, and delete items in the feed.
The "Properties" button allows users to import articles from an external website's feed.

  • Add Article: Add and edit an article to the RSS Feed.


This window allows users to edit the article's publish date, a description (article's content), a link (internal or external) and a title.

  • Add External Article: Add and edit one or more articles from external feeds and sources to the RSS Feed.


To add external articles, find the link of an RSS Feed (from an external website) and add it to the list using the following button Flux-rss09.png
Once the link to the RSS feed has been entered, a list of available articles will appear. Select an article to include using the checkbox in the Selection column and then click "Add" to add it to your RSS Feed.

Other Properties

These are the properties specific to the Edit RSS Feed element. These properties can be configured from the elements and styles menu -> Properties.



  • Filter by Language: Choose whether or not to display the element depending on the language the page is in.
  • Tooltip: Add a tooltip on an element.
  • Name: Give the element an easily identifiable name.
  • Resizing: Change how the element is able to be resized.
    • Auto: The element adapts to the size of its content in height and width.
    • Height Only: The element can only be resized height-wise.
    • Width Only: The element can only be resized width-wise.
    • Height and Width: Element can be resized in height and width to a fixed size of your choice.
  • Visible: Choose whether or not the element should be displayed.


  • RSS Feed Header: Edit the feed's settings (RSS feed title, description, and URL).
  • List of Articles in Feed: Edit the list of articles in the RSS Feed.

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