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This element allows users to send the data collected with an online form to one or more email recipients.

Important: "Email Form" is a hidden element. It will not be visible on the page, but its settings are accessible via a button at the top of the editing pane.

Add an Email Form Element

Drag-and-Drop the element Email Form from the elements menu anywhere on the page. This will automatically open the configuration menu.


The Email Form element can be configured in a few easy steps.
This allows the element to process the data obtained from the following types of form elements: Checkbox, Drop-Down List, Option List, Multi-Line Text Input Field, Single-Line Text Input Field and Upload File(s).

Envoi mail2.png
The Email Form configuration window can be opened by clicking on Configure Email Form.

Step 1: Email Form Configuration

Envoi mail3.png

  • Recipient Address: The email address where form data should be sent.
  • Email Subject: Subject of the email containing the form data.
  • Sender's Email Address: In order to avoid the message being treated as spam, select a different email address than the Recipient.
  • Options: Choose whether or not to add CC recipients and/or receive a return receipt.

Step 2: Message de résultat de l'envoi d'e-mail

Envoi mail4.png

  • Message to display if sending is successful: Customize the message that a site visitor will see if the email has been successfully sent.
  • Message to display if sending fails: Customize the message that a site visitor will see if there was an error and the email could not be sent.

Step 3: Form Fields to Include

Envoi mail5.png

  • Elements Not Included: The page's form elements that will not be sent by email.
  • Elements Included: The page's form elements that will be sent by email.
  • Send Button: Select an element to serve as the form's Send button. (The element Form Button allows users to create a simple send button.)

Note: More than one form can be created on the same page. To do this, there must be as many "Email Form" elements as there are forms to send.
If multiple forms are being used, it is highly recommended that users give a unique name to each form field so they can be identified in the "Form Fields to Include" lists.

Other Properties

Publishing a website with software other than openElement.

In order for elements reliant on PHP to function (i.e. Email Form, Page Hit Counter, etc.), users must enter the PHP version manually in Preferences, under the "Advanced" tab.

Preferences VersionPHP.png

Click here to learn more about the PHP version.

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