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Warning: These are expert options, and include advanced settings for publishing, SEO, and PHP. Users are strongly advised to back up their work and proceed with caution.

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Software Configuration

  • Custom Library:
    • Custom Meta-Tags: A list of custom meta-tags added to the existing list found in SEO Info.
  • Publishing:
    • Back Up Project Online: Choosing this option allows you to save essential openElement project data to your web server in a folder called "backup."
    • Display Upload File List: If this option is selected, the list of files and folders to be published will be displayed for confirmation before transfer begins. You may then choose to deselect any item you do not wish to upload.
    • Open Website URL: Check this box if you wish to launch the website when publishing completes. The site will open in the default web browser.
    • Publishing Mode: Specifies the current publishing mode. There are two modes available:
      • Differential (default): Only new or recently modified files are transferred to the web server. This is the faster way to update your site.
      • Complete: The entirety of the website's files are transferred to the web server.
    • Publishing Type: Specifies the current publishing type, i.e. which files should be uploaded upon publishing. The four types available are: *** Full Project (Default): The entire project
      • Open Pages: Only pages that are open in the editing pane
      • Current Page: Only the current page (the single active page in the editing pane)
      • Website Configuration Files (Expert): The website's configuration files (non-content pages)
  • Settings:
    • Code Editor Theme: The color scheme of the code editor in Code Block

Website Configuration

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