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This is a configuration form used by multiple elements (image carousel, image gallery, etc.) that allows users to manage a list of images to display.


Main Interface


  • Click on a row to select it.
  • Double-click on a row to edit it.
  • Select a row, then press "Del" on the keyboard to delete the image.
  • Drag-and-drop rows to change the order of the images.

  • (1) Add an Image: Adds an image to the list. If only one picture is added, the detailed configuration form will open automatically
  • (2) Add a Directory: Adds an entire image folder (multiple add) to the list
  • (3) Properties: Edit properties of the selected image (opens detailed configuration form)
  • (4) Delete: Deletes the selected image from the list
  • (5) 'Image' Column: Thumbnail of image
  • (6) 'Title' Column: Title given to the image
  • (7) 'Description' Column: Description given to the image
  • (8) 'Date' Column: Date image was added to the list
  • (9) Image (row) selected in the list. A checkmark will appear on the left and the row will be highlighted.

Detailed Image Configuration

This form allows users to enter detailed properties for the images in the list.

  • (1) Date: The date an image was added to the list (cannot be modified)
  • (2) Description (optional): A brief description of the image
  • (3) Image: Path of the image. Click to change the image
  • (4) Link to a Page (optional): An image can be given a link toward abother page. This will open the link configuration form
  • (5) Title (Optional): A title for the image. By default, this is the file name, but it can also be blank.
  • (6) : Description of the selected property.
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