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This form is used to configure URL links in various elements (i.e. "Text Link", "Button Link", etc.), as well as anywhere a link can be added.

Link Selection Tab

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Select Link:
This section lets users select an internal destination page (an existing page on the current website) or a pre-formatted script (close window, next/previous page, print, etc.) for the link being created.

Enter URL:
Allows users to manually enter an external website URL, email address, or other custom link (HTTP, HTTPS, MAIL, LOCAL, JS).

Window Options Tab

This section allows users to choose how a link opens when it is clicked (same window/tab, new window/tab, pop-up window).
Clicking on "In a pop-up window" enables the pop-up settings section, in which users can customize the pop-up window's size, position, and display options.

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Expert: This section allows users to select a rel attribute to specify the relationship between the current page and the page being linked to. Rel attributes also serve to give search engine bots information about a website's links.

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