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This element allows users to group multiple elements together (i.e. Image, Single-Line Text, Multi-Line Text, etc.) inside a single element.

Example: ( Preset Black Rounded Frame )

Groupe elements3.png

Add an Element Group Element

Drag-and-Drop the element Accordion Groups from the elements menu anywhere on the page.


Positioning Elements

Using this element's properties in the Elements and Styles Menu, Properties tab, users can specify how other elements within the group should be positioned.

Groupe elements4.png
By default, positioning is set to "absolute"

Absolute Positioning: Absolute positioning is determined in relation to the upper left hand corner of the element "Group of Elements". So, the coordinates of a point are specified in terms of Top to Bottom, and Left to Right. The user specifies where elements ought to be positioned.
Relative Positioning: With relative positioning, elements are positioned relative to each other within the element "Group of Elements". Order is determined by their order in the element explorer, to the left of the editing pane, below the site explorer. Using this positioning mode, drag-and-drop is disabled. Further positioning is possible by manually adjusting the CSS in the Elements and Styles Menu -> Styles tab -> Customize.

Design and Presets

There are numerous style presets available for this element in the Cloud Library. Presets can be accessed through the Elements and Styles Menu, under the Styles tab, in Style Presets.

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