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Path: Elements / Media / HTML5 Video



This element allows users to embed an HTML5 video player.

Add an HTML5 Video Element

Drag-and-Drop the element HTML5 Video from the elements menu anywhere on the page.


Dragging and dropping the element on the page will automatically open the "HTML5 Video" configuration menu.


All the necessary information for incorporating HTML5 video is included in this dialog box.

A specific video converter (Freemake) is recommended for converting videos to the required formats, but users may use a different converter if they wish.

  • Allow External Links: Checking this box allows users to copy-paste or type in links to external videos.
  • Status:

The traffic light indicates the state of the video sources
- Red: No MP4 source selected, the minimum format required.
- Yellow: No sources compatible with certain browser (Firefox, Opera, and Chrome) in HTML5 mode, but plug-ins (Flash or Quicktime) can facilitate playback. Compatible with Apple products (iPhone/iPad).
- Green: Enough video sources/formats to stream in HTML5 mode in any browser that supports it.

Video sources can also be changed from the editing pane by clicking on this button Video dailymotion3.png
right below the HTML5 Video element.

Other Properties

These are the properties specific to the Dailymotion Video element. These properties can be configured from the elements and styles menu -> Properties.



  • Filter by Language: Choose whether or not to display the element depending on the language the page is in.
  • Tooltip: Add a tooltip on an element.
  • Name: Give the element an easily identifiable name.
  • Resizing: Change how the element is able to be resized.
    • Auto: The element adapts to the size of its content in height and width.
    • Height Only: The element can only be resized height-wise.
    • Width Only: The element can only be resized width-wise.
    • Height and Width: Element can be resized in height and width to a fixed size of your choice.


  • Default Controls: Use "default" playback controls (look and feel depends on the browser).
  • Autoplay: Playback will start automatically when the page loads.
  • Mute: Sound is disabled by default.
  • Repetition: Video plays back on a loop (not compatible with the Opera browser).


  • Display: Image to display on player before playback begins. It is recommended that the image have the same width/height proportions as the video.
  • Plug-In Failure Message: Message displayed if Flash and Quicktime (or just Flash if using Internet Explorer) are not available.
  • Video URLs: Opens the HTML5 video configuration window mentioned in Configuration, above.


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