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The Hidden Code Block allows users to insert custom HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS code on a page without affecting the page graphically.

Note: This element will not be visible on the page.
Bloc code masque01.png

Adding a Hidden Code Block Element

Drag-and-Drop the element Hidden Code Block from the elements menu anywhere on the page.


Dragging and dropping the element on the page will automatically open the "Hidden Code Block" window.

The Hidden Code Block configuration can be accessed from the bar at the top of the editing pane.

Bloc code masque2.png

Script Type: Select the coding language (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, or other).
Placement : Select where the code should be inserted (between the <head>...</head> tags, start of body <body>..</body>, end of body <body>...</body>, or the start of the document).
Bloc code3.png : Copy the selected code.
Bloc code4.png : Cut the selected code.
Bloc code5.png : Paste code to the block.
Bloc code6.png : Undo
Bloc code7.png : Redo
Bloc code8.png : Add a comment.
Bloc code9.png : Remove the selected comment.
Bloc code10.png : Structure the lines of code.
Mode : Select the coding language (HTML, CSS, PHP et JavaScript).
Styles : Change color scheme of the "Code Block" interface.

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