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Welcome to the openElement wiki.
Dynamic Website Editor

logo OpenElement

openElement® is a powerful and intuitive web authoring program for creative professionals. Whatever your web project may be, openElement provides you with all the tools you need to build a solid and standards-compliant website. The software supports all the latest technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, responsive design, etc. Work from a professionally designed template or from scratch. openElement was developed by web professionals for web professionals as a visual tool to maximize productivity by streamlining tasks and optimizing workflow.

Compatible with XP, Vista, Windows7 and Windows8, openElement allows users to work visually and efficiently, without sacrificing quality.

openElement is completely free with no restrictions! Please support its development by donating.

This Wiki is here to provide all the information necessary for using openElement, as well as tutorials that will help you accomplish certain tasks and better grasp the key features of the software.

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In this section, you will discover the graphical interface of the software.

general user interface

General User Interface
Introduction to the main areas of the general interface

Main Menu

Main Menu
Introduction to the four Main Menu tabs, as well as each tab's sub-sections.
ProjectPageSelectionStyle Zone

L'explorateur de site

The site explorer
Located by default to the left of the editing pane, the site explorer lists all the files and folders that make up the website.
GeneralThe menu barTree StructureContextual Menu

Element Explorer

Element Explorer
Located by default beneath the site explorer, the element explorer displays a list of all the elements present on the page currently being edited.
(Page under construction)

Editing Pane

Editing Pane
Located by default in the center of the screen, this is where users modify the content of the web page selected from the site explorer.
Elements can be added to the page by dragging and dropping from the list of elements on the right-hand side.

Elements and Styles Menu

Elements and Styles Menu
Made up of three tabs, this menu is an important part of the website creation process. Layout, formatting, site structure, and visual/aesthetic settings all pass through these tabs.

quick access toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar
As the name suggests, this is menu contains shortcut buttons for common functions, such as refresh, preview, and other openElement actions.

The Elements

'Elements' are pre-programmed objects that can be inserted into a web page via the editing pane.
Examples of elements include: an image, a text area, an image gallery, etc. Many different types of elements are built into the software, with more being developed, to help you achieve your website building goals.


"Standard" Elements
FrameLink to Us!DocumentHorizontal LineVertical LineImageSingle-Line TextMulti-Line TextTable


"Navigation" Elements
Pop-Up MenuAccordion MenuBreadcrumbFile DownloadLanguage FlagsText LinkLink ButtonImage LinkTree View


"Container" Elements
Accordion GroupsGroup of ElementsCollapsible Panel


"Media" Elements
Flash AnimationImage GalleryHorizontal Image CarouselVertical Image CarouselDailymotion VideoYouTube VideoHTML5 Video


"Form" Elements
Form ButtonCheckboxDrop-Down ListOption ListSend Form by E-MailMulti-Line Text Input FieldSingle-Line Text Input FieldUpload File(s)CAPTCHASubmit Form


"Animation" Elements
Google Maps


"Interactivity" Elements
Edit RSS FeedDisable Right ClickExternal PageImage ZoomBlock of CodeHidden Block of CodePayPal


"Community" Elements
Social Media Bar


"Security" Elements
(Coming Soon)


"Statistics" Elements
Google AnalyticsPage Hit Counter


"Various" Elements
Banner PageW3C LogoDocument

Scripts, Tips, and Tutorials

A list of all scripts, tips, and tutorials available for openElement.


Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions concerning the installation and use of openElement.

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