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This menu, located at the top of the interface, contains quick access shortcuts for saving, refreshing, and previewing pages, as well as actions specific to the software (f) and help links (g).

Interface menu-rapide001.png

Fixed position of Quick Access Toolbar within the general interface.

Default Quick Access Buttons


Interface-mm01.png a: Save the current page.

Interface-mm02.png b: Save all open pages.

Interface-mm03.png c: Undo/Redo most recent action. (Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y)

Interface-mm04.png d: Refresh the current page. (Keyboard Shortcut: F5)

Interface-mm05.png e: Preview the current page in the browser of your choice. (The browsers available for preview depend on which are installed on the computer being used)

Interface-mm06.png f: Change the look and feel of the software by changing the skin, changing the default language (English or French), or restoring the default layout.

Interface-mm07.png g: A list of useful links for help and support information. This list contains links to the official openElement Wiki and Forum, technical support, video tutorials, and an option for sending error reports and/or the entire project to the developers for analysis.

Note: Users can add their own shortcuts to the Quick Access Toolbar. To do this, simply right click on any button in the Main Menu and click on: "Add to Quick Access Toolbar."

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