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The Site Explorer (also referred to as project explorer) displays the page and folder structure of the project and website.

Default position of the Site Explorer within the general interface.

Main project actions take place here:

  • Creating folders and pages
  • Deleting folders and pages
  • Renaming folders and pages
  • Moving pages and folders to/from parent folders
  • Creating/Deleting/Renaming Layer Pages

Also found in the Site Explorer:

  • A shortcut to the Resources Library
  • A shortcut to the Recycle Bin that contains files and folders that were deleted manually by the user (except resources that were permanently deleted)

The Menu Bar

The menu bar is located at the top of the Site Explorer.

Interface Explorateur02bis.png

Interface Explorateur04.png Refresh: Refreshes the file structure in the Site Explorer

Interface Explorateur05.png Add: Adds files to the project.

Interface Explorateur06.png Delete: Deletes the selected file or folder, sending it to the Recycle Bin

Interface Explorateur07.png Publish to Web: Publishes the selected file to the web server specified in Preferences.

Interface Explorateur08.png Duplicate: Creates a copy of the selected file; here, a page can also be converted to a layer.

Tree Structure

Interface Explorateur03.png

Contextual Menu

The contextual menu pops up when a user right-clicks on specific item in the Site Explorer.

Depending on which item is selected, the options in the menu will be different. These are the main actions available for a page or folder.

Contextual menu displayed if a user-page is selected and right-clicked:

Interface Explorateur09.png

Contextual menu displayed if a user-folder is selected and right-clicked:

Interface Explorateur10.png

Note: the following items do not have a contextual menu: Resources and Recycle Bin.

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