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A style preset allows users to quickly save or load the graphical aspect of an element.
Each style preset is specific to a certain type of element.

Important: To reuse the style of an element, it is strongly advised to create style presets rather than copy/pasting the element. This will help the pages load faster.

Apply a Style Preset

Select an element, then in the Elements and Styles Menu, click on the Styles tab, and then the "Style Presets" tab.

Users can choose presets from different sources:

  • The "Cloud Library": Pre-made presets
  • The Website: Presets already in use on the website

Simply click on the thumbnail to apply the desired preset.

A preset selected from the Cloud Library, when applied to an element, will be saved under Website Presets when the page is saved.

Create a Style Preset

  • Select an element
  • Modify its styles
  • Click on the "Style Preset" drop-down in the Main Menu and click "Save Changes as New Style Preset".



  • To undo all changes made to an element, go to the Website Style Presets and click on "None".
  • Users can modify an existing style preset (from the Cloud Library or elsewhere) by saving it under a new name.

Reusing a Style Preset on Another Website

The style preset files are located in the website project's Windows folder, under "\Templates\Controls". To transfer them from one site to another, simply copy the files from one project's folder to the other (in the same folder).

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