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Path: Elements / Form / Multi-Line Text Input Field



This element creates a multi-line input field for a form in which website visitors can type text.

Example: (Preset Basic Orange)

Form texte mutli2.png

Add a Multi-Line Text Input Field Element

Drag-and-Drop the element Multi-Line Text Input Field from the elements menu anywhere on the page.


Configure via the editing pane.

Form texte multi4.png: Select the validation rules.

Other Properties

These are the properties specific to the Multi-Line Text Input Field. These properties can be configured from the elements and styles menu -> Properties.

Form texte multi6.png


  • Filter by Language: Choose whether or not to display the element depending on the language the page is in.
  • Tooltip: Add a tooltip on an element.
  • Name: Give the element an easily identifiable name.
  • Resizing: Change how the element is able to be resized.
    • Auto: The element adapts to the size of its content in height and width.
    • Height Only: The element can only be resized height-wise.
    • Width Only: The element can only be resized width-wise.
    • Height and Width: Element can be resized in height and width to a fixed size of your choice.


  • Cancel Resizing: Disable resizing by Chrome and Firefox users.
  • Read-Only: Defines the checkbox as read-only (cannot be checked or unchecked by website visitors).
  • Validation Rules: Configure the validation rules for the form element.


  • Input Value: Pre-filled text in the input field.


  • Attribute Name: Users can manually assign the name for this form field element that will appear in the HTML. This name must be unique.

Design and Presets

There are numerous style presets available for this element in the Cloud Library. Presets can be accessed through the Elements and Styles Menu, under the Styles tab, in Style Presets.

Style multi input3.png Text Input Field
Default Value:
No style by default

Style multi input2.png Input Field with Error
Default Value:
No style by default

Style multi input1.png Error Icon
Default Value:
No style by default

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