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Step 1: Sign Up for Web Hosting

openElement makes it easy to get your website online. Just visit our hosting partner A Small Orange and sign up. Choose the plan that works for your site and you'll be online in no time!

Publish Partner.png

Why choose openElement's hosting partner A Small Orange?

  • Reliable service, great prices, and unparalleled customer service
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Maximum compatibility with openElement
  • Supports openElement's development and helps keep the software free!

The info you'll need for Step 2 will be in the welcome email you receive from ASO. If you already have an account, or are using a different host, you can skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Configure Publishing Settings

Publish Info.png

Publish Info Open.png: Click this button to open the remote folder
Publish Info Test.png: Click this button to test the connection settings

Required Information

When you receive your FTP credentials from your web host, there are several things to look for.
Publish Info1.png

  • Server Address: The address of the FTP server your website will be hosted on
    • Server addresses can look like:
  • Username: The username (either that you selected or that was assigned to you) that identifies your account
  • Password: The password used to authenticate your login
  • Website URL: The URL of your website
    • Format can be or

Additional Information

Publish Info2.png

  • Default Directory: You can specify a directory to house your site, or choose a specific directory from a list if your web host requires it.
    • Note: Putting your site in a directory other than the default or the one specified by your web host means that the content will not be directly accessible from your domain (, but instead from a URL like This can be useful when testing a new site without disturbing the current content or when breaking up a larger project into sections.
  • Port: The port number the FTP server communicates on. The default port number is 21, unless otherwise specified by the web host.
  • Upload Folder: Designate a folder on your web server to which website visitors can upload/submit files using a form.

Email Configuration

Select the outgoing email protocol the website should use. This is how the website will send email to visitors or webmasters (like, for example, when sending a form).
Publish Info3.png

Step 3: Advanced Publishing Settings

Some more advanced publishing options are available in the Advanced tab of the Preferences menu:
Publish Advanced.png

Network Options

Publish Advanced1.png

  • 'I use a router/firewall (passive mode)': Select this option if your router or firewall requires the FTP to connect in Passive Mode. This may help resolve certain connection problems.
  • 'I use a proxy': Fill out the relevant fields if you are using a proxy server.


Publish Advanced2.png

  • PHP Version: Allows users to specify the version of PHP installed on their server. This is not necessary when using openElement's hosting partner. If needed, the version number can be found in the phpinfo on the web server. For more information on the PHP Version, click here.
  • Web Server Local Path: Allows users to specify a physical address for their website directory on a host's web server. Please contact your hosting provider for this information if needed.
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