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Search Engine Optimization has become an integral part of website creation. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing list and rank your site based on numerous factors, including content, structure, linking, and metadata. Webmasters can't control every aspect of how their site is ranked, but naming pages correctly and using metadata efficiently go a long way.

openElement provides an easy way to edit and optimize a website's metadata.
Note: Users may want to avoid using characters with accents (ç, à, é, ñ, etc) in their metadata, as not all browsers support them, and they may be incompatible with English-language search engines

Edit SEO Metadata

Click SEO Info in the Page tab of the Main Menu:


Main Meta Tags


  • (a) Page Title: Enter a title for the page. This title will be displayed in the browser's tabs and will be read by search engine indexers.
  • (b) Description: Clearly describe the content of the website (or just the page) in 2 sentences or less. Do not enter a meaningless string of keywords, as this may reduce your ranking.
  • (c) Keywords: Enter a list of keywords for your site, separating each keyword with a comma. Place the most important keywords first and do not repeat the same keyword more than once.
  • (d) Translate URL: openElement allows users to specify different page names in the URL depending on the version (language) of the site being viewed. (i.e. Products.htm for English, Produits.htm for French, Productos.htm in Spanish). This is done using URL Rewriting.

Other Meta Tags (Optional/Expert)

Warning: These settings are sensitive. Entering invalid meta tags can disrupt the SEO and the website itself. Please use caution.

  • (a) Meta Name: Select a meta name from the drop-down menu. If the desired meta name is not on the list, you may add a custom one by clicking the + button.
  • (b) Value: Enter a value for the desired meta tag. The character " (quote) cannot be used in this field.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

SEO can sometimes be overwhelming. With so much constantly changing data and trends, who can keep track of all that?! Our friends over at AnalyticsSEO can help! They boast a wide range of features, like website assessments, reports, trends, etc. The basic service is free, with options to upgrade for more advanced SEO. To get started, click on the logo in SEO Settings, under the "Improve Your Search Ranking" tab.


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